Monster Mechanical Air Conditioning System Pre-Season Tune-Ups

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Annual Maintenance Can Prevent A Major A/C Repair

Did You Know?  An Air Conditioning Pre-Season Tune-Up will pay for itself by saving as much as 30% on your energy bills!

A Pre-Season Tune-Up & Inspection should always be considered before turning your air conditioning system on for the first time each season. Outdoor air conditioning condensers become perfect shelter during winter months for insects and rodents. Mice often remove cabinet liners, and strip insulation from high voltage wires in effort to build temporary homes. This can create a potentially unsafe start-up situation. Monster Mechanical thoroughly inspects the entire air conditioning system. Our technicians chemically clean outdoor condenser coils, test drains, replace air filters, and look for early signs of mold. In addition to overall performance and efficiency, Pre-Season Tune-Ups can keep your air conditioning system running safe, avoiding costly breakdowns.

There are a number of checks and measures our skilled technicians will perform during an Air Conditioning Tune-Up, such as:
  • Chemically clean condenser and coil
  • Clean or replace return air filters
  • Inspect fan motors and blades
  • Lubricate motors and moving parts
  • Test condensate drains
  • Check all electrical components
  • Test all equipment safeties
  • Check all wiring and controls
  • Confirm proper refrigerant pressures
  • Check operating temperatures
  • Test overall compressor performance

Get comfortable, start saving and gain peace of mind. Contact us to schedule your Air Conditioning System for a MONSTER Pre-Season Tune-Up.