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Absolutely the best. 100% honest and fair. Called Ed on the advice of others when my furnace started sending an odor through the vents. He was amazing. Spent as much time as needed to make sure my furnace was up to code and exactly as it should be. It was a big job and he billed us more than fairly and was honestly the nicest person I’ve ever had work in my home. Highly recommend.

Amidst a mid 90-degree heat wave, our 20-year-old central air unit decided to quit and the upstairs zone of our house quickly became just as hot as it was outside. In a panic, I reached out to a few HVAC companies, but Ed was the only one to pick up right away. I explained the situation and he walked me through a few quick tests on the phone, and after determining that I had an issue that I couldn’t fix, stopped by within the hour.

What a true professional.

Not only did he walk me through the issue and explain step-by-step the process he was taking to replace my shorted motor, he also explained the parts of the system and how they work. He also took care of a bit of maintenance and helped me discover that one of our filters was in the attic, which was never explained to me upon moving in a couple years ago (our inspector only mentioned the one in the basement, which only controls the first floor zone). He explained the right kind of filters to use and how to prolong the life of our geriatric system and what would be necessary when the time came to replace it.

His price was fair, and his workmanship was spot on. He worked nonstop until the job was done in blistering mid-day heat and was a pleasure to talk to in the process. Not only did he fix our problem, but he followed up the next day with a phone call to make sure everything was still running smoothly.

Highly recommended!

We recently bought a house and didn’t have a lot of details from the former owner as to the condition of the central air. During the heat wave two weeks ago we turned on the air and at some point during the day went outside and noticed ice buildup on the exterior lines. We called several HVAC companies but everyone was booked solid for weeks. We finally got in touch with Monster Mechanic and they came out within 4 days. Ed from Monster Mechanic showed up on time, and actually gave a courtesy call to let me know when he was on his way and about how long it would be until he got here. He spent several hours trying to fix the issue, and was very honest and professional with us about the status of our system. He went the extra mile to show me and my husband what he was looking at, and explain what was wrong. He showed up at 3:30p and didn’t leave until 10:30p when the job was done. I would highly recommend Monster Mechanical, Ed is great!

A long overdue Heating upgrade to the Casa. Thank you so much Ed Kerr of Monster Mechanical for the amazing heating and hot water system. Would highly recommend Ed when you are in need of an upgrade. He is a contractor that is a perfectionist and that actually cares about his clients.

Monster Mechanical has installed several systems for us and their work is always clean, professional, and reliable. Ed is honest and a true craftsman. He cares deeply about his work and it shows. We are always happy to give out their number or have them to our home.

We recently purchased a new home and today realized the furnace had stopped getting power. I called Monster HVAC based on a recommendation. The customer service was excellent. The gentlemen helped me problem solve and was very helpful and patient. We will definitely be calling Monster Mechanical for all of our HVAC needs and you should too!

I’ve worked with Monster Mechanical since it began and have recommended Ed and his company to countless friends and family.  Everyone’s response has been the same…the most honest, committed, responsive and knowledgeable professional HVAC company we’ve ever used.  Honestly, if I was moving out of state I would fly Ed out to look over my systems and set me up the right way.

Just want to say how pleased I am with my air conditioning at home and at work. I’ve used Monster mechanical twice. Ed was professional and prompt.  When the crew came to install my air at home the guys all worked great as a team and worked clean. No mess left behind. I would highly recommend this company.

We have used Monster Mechanical several times. Ed is always on time, professional, helpful, clearly explains any issues, cleans up, and is very reasonably priced. Always does great work! We will definitely plan to call him again with any of our future HVAC Needs.

Monster Mechanical replaced our oil furnace with a natural gas furnace and the entire process was a pleasure. Ed’s pricing was spot on, the pipe work was perfect and he left the space spotless. Ed is very reliable and courteous.

Wanted to send a quick thanks for an awesome job on our air conditioning system. Several other companies did not want to take the job on because they said it was impossible to do with the layout of my house. But, you were  like a master magician. It came out perfect, under our budget and works exactly as it should. Can’t thank you enough for helping us finally do the impossible and air condition our unusually configured house. Love the nice cool nights now!!

I want to thank Monster Mechanical again for the amazing job you did at my house. The quality of work is phenomenal. It’s refreshing to see a company that takes so much pride in their work. Last May when I considered replacing my system I ended up meeting with 5 different companies. I never felt comfortable with any of them so I just put it off. After we met Ed for the first time I told my wife Monster Mechanical was going to be perfect for the job. Glad I trusted my instincts. I just wanted to let you know all of the time you spent answering my questions was greatly appreciated and as I said above, I couldn’t be happier with the work.

We used Monster Mechanical to replace two aging propane furnaces, air handlers and condensers.  In the winter we could never keep the house at a comfortable temperature AND afford the propane costs.  In the summer, the condenser piping would frequently freeze up and render the system useless.  We laid out all of our pain points for Ed and he didn’t run away screaming.  He didn’t even flinch.  What he did do is lay out a plan to replace our old units with ones that were sized appropriately for the living space and modify the ducting – with minimal alteration to the house.  The new design provides consistent heat and cooling throughout the house.  We can keep the heat at a higher temperature and not open a vein to pay the fuel costs.  This past brutal summer, the A/C was on for almost the entire time and the total electric cost was really minimal when you consider the comfort of sleeping free of humidity.  Basement dampness has gone from dank to unnoticeable.

Ed’s workmanship is borderline obsessive compulsive.  Piping is run straight and parallel to adjoining mechanical equipment.  Joints are well placed and solder work is really clean.  Wiring is tight, neat and clean.  If I wasn’t there to see the installation myself, I would have thought Ed measured the distance between wire wraps.  Evenly spaced by eye and all facing in the same direction.  All of the new duct work installed by Ed and his crew required no sheet rock patching or paint touch-ups – none – zero.  I came home and the grills looked like they were there since the house was built.  You had to look really hard to find any dust from where they cut into the walls.  In short…Monster Mechanical is a local business with old school work ethics and a passion for HVAC.

I have Known Ed from Monster Mechanical for over a decade now. I first met him through my neighbor Marty G, which is another testimonial here. I was very impressed by Ed’s attention to detail, and job knowledge right away. He is a very experienced HVAC engineer who has now become a truly honest and trusted friend. Ed and his team arrived at exactly 8am as scheduled to replace 2 furnaces and 2 A/C units all in one day. They worked up till lunch, which was their only break of the day. Ed was like a concert director, making sure all members of the team were doing the job up to his expectations, which by the way, he is a perfectionist, and so am I. Every thing he does has his signature on it, from the solder joints and placement, to the cosmetics of the entire installation process. During the installation, I went on this website for the first time and noticed about 60 pictures of installation perfection and knew what the end result was going to look like. Even the garbage piles and boxes were neatly arranged. As the day went on, and with most of the installation complete, Ed was now examining each part of the job making little minor tweaks and fine tuning each final assembly. He tested the A/C units first, and then the heating systems. Everything ran perfect! Before starting this job, Ed came over 2 times to make sure the measurements were correct and the equipment configurations would be perfect, which it was. Upon his last visit he told me, “Once I start this project, I own the whole thing until I am done and satisfied with the outcome”. That statement alone tells you the caliber that Ed brings to the table. After reading this and all the other testimonials, there is only 1 company to call for your HVAC needs and that is my trusted friend: Ed Kerr at Monster Mechanical.


Ed and the guys from Monster Mechanical were consummate professionals when they installed my new Lennox 98 furnace / AC system.
To start, they arrived promptly at the time they said they would and they worked diligently to remove my existing Furnace / Air Conditioner. They used a clean-as-you-go system and kept the area very tidy in preparation for the new equipment. They also used great care in moving all equipment in and out of my home in effort to avoid any collateral damage to the walls and floors.
Ed started the job with a very detailed plan and each member of the team knew their assignments and the whole job flowed smoothly and what seemed like effortlessly to me as the homeowner.
The best part was that they finished the installation leaving it clean with very professional results as well as finishing ahead of the projected time frame.
Monster Mechanical takes pride in their work and I for one, appreciate the effort and workmanship they put forth!

We met Ed of Monster Mechanical back in November 2006 when he diagnosed a problem with our old furnace. As we suspected, we needed a new one. Ed, very accurately and thoroughly, showed us, in detail, what was wrong with the old unit. He gave us his proposal for a new furnace installation, which we accepted after comparing his offer with other estimates we had obtained. The installation went quickly and smoothly and we had heat again in a very short time. When the installation was finished, the work area was clean and tidy, better than before the job began. Ed has been maintaining our furnace and air-conditioner system on an annual basis ever since 2006. When any problems have occurred over the years, Ed is always quick to return our call and rectify the issue. One year, Ed came to the house on a very cold Christmas Eve when we lost heat. He quickly got things up and running and saved the day! We are extremely happy with Monster Mechanical. Always professional and courteous.

Highest Recommendations!

Monster Mechanical has been taking care of my heating and A/C needs for more than 10 years.  Their workmanship and attention to detail is excellent.  Everything Ed does is top quality.  Monster Mechanical installations could be used as text book examples of the right way to do things.  Plumbing and wiring is always neat, level and properly secured.
Ed once had access to our home for several days while we were away in order to install a new furnace.  When we returned, everything was installed and working perfectly, our home was as neat and clean as when we had left it.  A totally competent and trustworthy contractor.
On a personal level, Ed goes beyond anything you could expect.  Once when he was here for a maintenance call he helped me get a stacked washer and dryer in place, another time he helped me install another conduit to a thermostat which was not part of our agreement.  You may find cheaper but you will not find better. I give them a 5 Star Rating!!!

My heating system was well over 40 years old and was showing its age, so we decided it was time to have it replaced.  Based on the recommendation of a friend, I contacted Monster Mechanical and left a message. Ed, the owner, returned my call within 24 hours and within a week’s time we were being heated by a brand new system.  Ed and his associate were very professional and meticulous.  They started at 8 a.m. and were done by 4 p.m. and when they left it was if they were never there.  Everything was cleaned up, the old parts were taken away and the basement never looked better and the price he quoted us was the price we paid.  There were no surprises no hidden charges.   My wife and I were very pleased with their work and we highly recommend Monster Mechanical to anyone who is in need of a new heating or air-conditioning system.

Good customer service is a rare commodity these days but that couldn’t be further from the truth when you do business with Monster Mechanical.  From the superior service the owner Ed provides to his knowledge & experience he brings to each job, I not only use him for my home but also all my offices!

We use Monster Mechanical for all our heating and air conditioning issues. They are always there in an emergency, courteous and never a problem with a mess when they leave. In addition to repairs, Monster Mechanical replaced my central air conditioning system about 5 years ago and it could not be working better.

Our Furnace went and needed to be replaced, Old AC unit as well. I asked around and was given two recommendations, one for Ed and one for Monster Mechanical, didn’t know they were one in the same! Ed came over, spent a lot of time inspecting, then reviewing with me and my wife what was needed, options – recommendations. He took the time to explain, very knowledgeable, patient and competitively priced. We had him install a new heating system, including AC unit and outside condenser, some metal fabrication. Ed also explained to us how this new system works and the best ways to set the temperature seasonally. A fantastic job, neat, well fitted, clean, and the system works terrific. We’ve gone through our first winter and are extremely pleased with the choice we made from Ed’s recommendations. Ed and his team are professional, skilled craftsmen – we’re very happy we chose Ed / Monster Mechanical.

I truly can’t say enough positive things about Ed and Monster Mechanical. My experience with them started a number of years back on a bitterly cold New Years Eve. My furnace quit on the coldest night of the year. Have you ever tried to get someone to come out on New Years Eve? I did. I literally called every heating company I could and they all said no, Except for Monster Mechanical! Ed took his family home from a party and came to my house and got my furnace running! I have been with Monster Mechanical every since. They have replaced my furnace and my air conditioner. They always try to save me money on filters and when I schedule an appointment they are always on time. Ed is honest, friendly and hard working. In this day and age it’s hard to find someone who honestly cares about his customers and isn’t out to just make a buck. Well, I found that person in Ed. I will be a Monster Mechanical customer for life. Thanks for taking such good care of our home.

My wife and I would like to thank you again for the job you did on our furnace, central air and electrical work. When we hired you we were expecting a very good job. What we got was a FANTASTIC job! From beginning to end, Monster Mechanical was professional, creative, friendly and fast.

We would recommend Monster Mechanical to anyone! If you ever need a recommendation for a future client, please have them call me any time. In a world filled with irresponsible, lazy and dishonest contractors……it was a pleasure to give our business to Monster Mechanical!

Again, thank you so much!

We had our heating/cooling system replaced approximately 4 years ago by Monster Mechanical.   Ed was extremely knowledgeable in recommending the proper system for our home.  He took the time to explain the different Lennox models and showed us a picture portfolio of his prior installations. Ed is definitely an expert in his field.  We are extremely satisfied by the quality of his work, the neatness and care of the install, and most of all the performance achieved from his recommendation of the right hvac system.   We are a very satisfied customer and continue to call Monster Mechanical for the maintenance of our system.

Monster Mechanical.  I’ve known Ed for 20+ years.  I wouldn’t consider anyone else for HVAC . Honest, Knowledgeable and Reliable.  All qualities you come to expect from a professional. No other company compares!

We have had the pleasure using the services of Monster Mechanical in 2 different homes.  Ed is professional, neat, and extremely knowledgeable in his field. He is detail oriented and takes pride in doing the job right. I have complete trust in Ed, and feel 100 percent comfortable with him being in the house. Honestly, I would not use anyone else.

Monster Mechanical
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Edward Horton
Edward Horton
23:39 27 Oct 22
Monster Mechanical is great! They replaced both of our HVAC systems in our home, which were 24 years old. While we... interviewed several companies to do the work, Ed Kerr of Monster Mechanical was the most professional and thorough. We made the right choice. He and his crew showed up when they said, were organized, completed the work on schedule, and kept us informed all along the way. In addition to installing the systems, they improved our duct work. They also coordinated with our roofer to revise the exhaust system in the attic. When installing equipment, they were very careful about our home and left things neater than when they began. When the town building inspector arrived upon completion, he said that he had never seen work as good as this. Monster Mechanical is very professional, and we highly recommend the company.read more
Tom H
Tom H
11:33 05 Sep 22
We recently had our two 21-year old AC units replaced by Monster Mechanical. I was referred to them by a respected... electrician - and we were not disappointed! Company owner, Ed Kerr, was just excellent to deal with. He explained our options, pricing and exactly how the job would progress. He is very meticulous and, yes, he and his crew even put down the protective floor coverings shown on his website. Everything about the job was amazingly organized and orchestrated. From the delivery of the equipment the day before the work was done to where each employee vehicle would be parked and the removal of the old systems - Ed had it all mapped out. I would highly recommend Monster Mechanical!read more
Miguel Borrero
Miguel Borrero
22:08 07 Jul 22
Both my HVAC units were not working. I called Monster Mechanical on Wednesday and Ed was booked but managed to squeeze... me in. He came over and stood at my residence until both units were up and running. Great workmanship and very knowledgeable, he is also a great guy to talk to. Ed educated me on things I was not aware of as a home owner. Highly recommend Ed and Monster Mechanical.read more
Steve Moen
Steve Moen
23:19 21 May 22
Ed is the best! First hot day of the year and our AC did not work. ED fit us in at the end of a long day and got us... back up and running. His knowledge and professionalism show through his work and attention to detail. He treats you like his neighbor. Can't say thank you enough! Go with Monster...you won't regret it!read more
Glen Edwards
Glen Edwards
19:51 26 Jan 22
Ed recently installed a new furnace and AC unit in my house this past week. I am very pleased with the work that was... performed and how well the unit is operating. Ed and his team of guys were very professional and courteous.The quality of the installation is superb and was completed earlier than expected. This isn't the first time Ed has done work at my house and I continue to use Monster for my HVAC needs as he is always responsive, thorough and takes the time to explain options available during the quote / bid process. Thank you Ed and Monster for being a trusted service provider.Glen Edwardsread more
Javier Gutierrez
Javier Gutierrez
16:20 06 May 20
Monster Mechanical (ED) and his entire crew were great . I had my A/C and Furnace replaced on April 23 , 2020 . They... were on time actually 10 minutes earlier they had the entire path walk that they used covered to protect my floors . After installing my unit they removed the old one and cleaned up . The work came out super clean and Ed was great after installing the unit he went over with me on type of filters to use . He went over the permits .I highly recommend Monster Mechanical for future A/C or Furnace repairs.read more
Scott Rosenberg
Scott Rosenberg
20:56 28 Apr 20
Ed was quickly able to diagnose and fix a furnace issue. He was able to track down parts that nobody else could. He is... professional, courteous and a master at his craft. He is cerebral and able to do work that many cannot. You get quaility work at a reasonable price with Ed and Monster Mechanical. I'll never use anyone else!!read more
James LoBiondo
James LoBiondo
17:45 19 Feb 20
This was probably the best experience I’ve had with a contractor to date! Ed is a very nice guy, explained my hvac... system to me in my new to me house. He fixed the issue with my heat without costing an arm and a leg. He even went out of his way to help me with a non hvac related issue.100% will continue to call Monster in the future!read more
J Molina
J Molina
18:38 29 Jan 20
Now I understand why Ed gets so many 5 star reviews.. He came on time, diagnosed my issue ( which took time to figure... out) , fixed/serviced my system and charged me a fair price. Thanks again ED!read more
Marilyn Unick
Marilyn Unick
01:28 24 Jan 20
I don't know to express my gratitude to Ed. He has restored my faith in customer service. I came home from work today... and had no heat. After calling numerous companies (and I mean NUMEROUS) for service with no call backs whatsoever I happened upon Monster Mechanical. Roberta called me right back and said a tech would be here within the hour. Right on the spot. It turned out it was the owner Ed Kerr. He checked my furnace & hot water heater - neither was on. Just by chance he decided to check the gas line outside - it had been turned off! A neighbor confirmed that Suburban Propane had been to my unit today and had turned it off! Left no note, I never received a phone call. Ed spent at least 2 hours if not more on the phone with Suburban. To make a long story short, after denying their guy turned off the lever to the gas outside, the manager admitted they had made a mistake in the billing and turned it off because the previous owner did not pay their bill. I can't thank Ed enough for the time he put in which he did not have to do. I apologize to his wife for once again missing dinner. You have a special guy there. Thank you Ed. You were the Angel I needed. Bless you! Marilyn Unickread more
The Sheldon Family
The Sheldon Family
23:25 22 Jan 20
Ed is very professional and reliable. Our AC was 18+ years old and needed to be replaced. He gave us options and... explained everything so we can make our best choice. After we saw the pride and quality of his work, we asked him to replace our hot water tank and service the furnace too - which he immediately knew had a problem and fixed it. He explained everything that he was doing, step by step to us. We would recommend Ed to anyone! Phil and Tina.read more
Jason Halvorsen
Jason Halvorsen
01:45 03 Dec 19
I hired Ed at Monster Mechanical to install a new gas boiler in my home as I was converting from oil to natural gas. I... can honestly say he’s the best contractor I’ve ever dealt with. From start to finish I felt comfortable and confident that I hired the right company. His care for the customer and his attention to detail was amazing. He explains everything in great detail every step of the way and is always there if you have questions. His pricing is more than fair and is right in line with everyone else, especially for the quality you’re getting. My particular town is difficult to work in when it comes to permits and inspections and Ed handled everything so professionally every step of the way. The job couldn’t have gone smoother based on the circumstances we faced. I’ve already recommended him to my neighbors and will hire him in an instant for any other HVAC needs in the future.Thanks again Ed!!read more
Frank Smith
Frank Smith
05:10 26 Nov 19
Ed was quick to get back in touch with me! He came by same day got heat up and running at a reasonable price! Would... recommend to anyone looking for great service!read more
Alexandra Kunkel
Alexandra Kunkel
18:39 21 Nov 19
Ed is absolutely amazing! I lost my father who pretty much took care of everything in the house so we were very lost.... Ed came by and showed us everything we need to know and made sure I fully understood the ins and outs of every piece of equipment. Besides just showing us how to take care of HVAC, he helped us out with other things we need to know about taking care of our house and gave us lots of contacts we can refer to. He made us feel so reassured that we would be taken care of. I cannot thank Ed enough, he is truly a lifesaver!! I highly recommend his service to anyone needing it!read more
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