Oil to Natural Gas Conversion in New Jersey

oil to natural gas conversion

Oil to Gas Conversions in Morris, Sussex, Passaic and surrounding counties in New Jersey

The average home will spend nearly $1,000 heating their home this winter, according to the National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association (NEADA). That is an increase of over ten percent from last year’s national average. For homeowners using oil to heat their home, the jump in cost is even more dramatic. NEADA reports that oil heating costs have more than doubled within the last four years. Therefore, with these continued spikes in the cost of oil-fueled home heating systems, more and more homeowners are considering the conversion from oil to natural gas.

Is Natural Gas The Right Option For You?

A number of factors need to be considered when making this determination. First, are there currently gas lines and meters in your New Jersey home or area? If not, the cost and timeline of converting will be greater. Second, are you in a financial position to cover the upfront conversion and installation costs? While the monthly cost of natural gas in NJ is significantly less than that of oil, the initial financial outlay involved in converting to natural gas is greater than the cost of using oil to heat your home. Lastly, does your county have the required gas lines for a natural gas heating system? Monster Mechanical is an experienced NJ oil to gas conversion company that can evaluate your home and assist in determining whether natural gas is right for your residence.

The Benefits Of Converting To Natural Gas Heating

  • It is ideal to pay an onetime charge for a gas conversion, than to frequently encounter problems with oil tanks. Also, with the utilization of gas you will have the capacity to have significantly more exact temperature control for your water temperature for different purposes.  The use of gas accelerates the process of water heating compared to oil. Gas is significantly more energy efficient and simply ideal for the environment.
  • Health is also a major factor in deciding to switch to gas use instead of oil. Despite the combustive characteristic of gas, less harmful particles will dissolve in the air; which implies far less will enter your lungs. In particular, utilizing gas contrasted with oil takes into account a lesser measure of carbon dioxide to be discharged in the air. This is definitely better for your well being and health.
  • The property space saving factor, gas tanks obviously don’t consume as much of your property space as do oil tanks, which leaves more space for more important use.
  • Natural gas is economical and efficient so you’ll make considerable saving on your heating bill over oil heat.
  • Natural gas heating has an excellent safety record versus oil heating.
  • Natural gas is a domestic US natural resource, with an abundant supply, contrary to oil which is mostly imported and its availability is frequently affected by foreign events.

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Converting To Natural Gas in New Jersey

For homeowners looking to convert, understanding the process is the first step. Below is a brief overview of what goes into a full-scale conversion from oil to natural gas heating systems.

The Oil to Natural Gas Conversion Process:

  • Initial Call: Homeowners ready to convert should start by calling a trusted NJ natural gas conversion company to discuss the options and ensure that full-scale conversion from oil to natural gas will work for their home or building.
  • Evaluation: After the initial call, a certified NJ natural gas technician will visit your home or building to determine the scope of the project, review the needed steps for conversion with you and provide a pricing quote and timeline for the project. The price and timetable for conversion will depend on whether the home or building has a pre-existing gas line and gas meter. If so, the project will likely be simple, quick and relatively inexpensive. If no gas line or gas meter is present, they will need to be installed, and that will increase the cost and timetable of the project.
  • Planning: After the evaluation is complete and a quote is agreed upon, an oil to gas conversion contractor will plan the equipment switch-out in a way that offers the home or building owner the least amount of disruption to their daily lives and downtime for the heating system.
  • Conversion Installation: The old, oil-fired equipment will be removed before certified natural gas installers set up your new gas-fired equipment. All equipment setups will be done in accordance with city and New Jersey state codes. Once that is completed, homeowners will be advised as to whether the equipment used comes with tax credits or rebates. If so, homeowners will be advised on how to proceed with filing the needed claims for those credits.

Converting From Oil To Gas in North Jersey – Consult A Professional

Natural gas offers a host of advantages to home and building owners. There are, however, a few drawbacks that require careful consideration before embarking on the process. Contact an expert at Monster Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning today (973) 697-9776 to discuss your specific heating needs, and determine whether a natural gas conversion is the best heating solution for your home.